Don’t ask me why, but from a very young age, I was fascinated with language, reading specifically. I remember being around 4, because it was before I was really reading, I clearly remember watching my mother read mail and thinking: what is she concentrating on … what does it say …. I want mail …! And my dad too, when he had a newspaper, he was just so intent. I asked him to read it to me, and fell deeper into fascination that he was translating “codes” into words and ideas.

Riverside, CA during Chinese New Year

It was then that I became hungry for reading and writing. I legit forced my parents to teach me to read before Kindergarten because I was tired of being left out of this world of the written word. Talk about the lamest form of FOMO. Only later in life did I realize I should’ve been careful about what I wished for: Here I was dying to be able to read mail like my mom and now years later I’m reading bills too #NoMoFOMO.

I’m not even gonna lie though, I still get all nerdy and intrigued when I listen to other people’s languages and see letters foreign to me. I still get that same feeling of wanting to know what they’re saying …

And it doesn’t stop there; I’ve gotten curious about other things too (go figure!) – my intrigue has poured over into curiosity about cultures, FOODS, and people. I really should work for the UN. You could be the most ordinary person next to me, but if I know you speak another language, I’ll be on you like salsa on chips!

We all  have our weird things and this one’s mine – deal with it.

All that said, I’ve never traveled. Because as much as I love learning about things outside of my world, I actually love the idea of home: like, actually my home, the US, Southern California where my family is … and the comfort of it all. I figure I live in a melting pot anyway, so I get the best of all worlds here in LA. But in one month that’s going to change, because I’ll finally take an oversees vacation with my best friend to Instanbul and Greece. (Finally, right?) We’re excited. She’s been everywhere, but I’ve only ever marveled at the idea. I’m counting down the days (30 in case you’re wondering), already thinking of what I want to pack, what I want to eat, how tanned exactly I want to get.




One thought on “FOMO

  1. Great job niece. I LOVED everything about your blog, the colorful pictures and your life experiences. Keep blogging, it will be beautiful to look back at when your 90yrs. old (jk). Love you mija.
    Aunty Corney Miramontez


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