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Holy Hiking!

When people think of California, they think of LA, Hollywood, the beaches, Disneyland. Most people visiting here pretty rarely know anything about the Inland Empire, which is the San Bernardino/Riverside County areas. While this area isn’t quite as popular, there are a lot of things to check out and do there: mountains, casinos, wine tasting (Temecula), and a hike to a cross.img_3351.jpg

Yup, I typed that correctly. At Mount Rubidoux in Riverside County, off Redwood and Ninth, there is a pretty cool huge cross atop a small mountain where you can look over the wonderful city of Riverside.


Whether you’re Christian, a hiker, or just want a cool Instagram pic, this trail is pretty moderate (easy if you’re very active). The 2.7 mile route is paved so there’s not too much terrain to deal with, yet just enough of an incline that you do break a sweat. The best part is though, that this place is picturesque af and parking is easy to find – a real treat if you drive through LA on the daily. I recommend going at sunset,  because the weather was cooler and as you can see the sky was overwhelmingly perfect.

Difficult to admire the cross with that gorgeous pink and purple sky. ❤

You can bring your dog or kids but if you bring a stroller, you’ll have to skip going up the stairs to the actual cross (or leave it at the foot of the stairs).

There aren’t bathrooms up there so try not to overdo it on the water consumption. Tons of people are there, so if you get annoyed with crowds, try to go during the week, not at peak times on the weekend. That said, there’s always enough people there that you won’t feel like you can get kidnapped or anything.

Hours are from half an hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset, as the sign indicates.

It can be very sunny there, so I’d bring a hat, unless you go in the evening obviously.

So grab some earbuds, wear your most comfortable shoes, and don’t forget to bring your camera so you can Snapchat yo’self #nofilterneeded.

Even cool enough for teen nieces.

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