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Haunted Escape Room: Hollywood

Well, would you look at that scary face – on the sign behind me, not me!

Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment! All the major movie studios, TV networks, and record companies are the life blood of this town. So of course we have all the capabilities to stage certain scenarios, including being trapped in a room with no hope to get out, unless you can figure out an ESCAPE!


Though there are many of these in LA, here’s the one we went to and it was great:

Haunted Recording Studio

$35 and you can schedule your time on their website:

My niece trying to escape from the room. She is holding her cell for light, and walkie talkie.

So basically the format of an Escape Room (if you don’t already know) is that you and some friends get thrown into an area, somewhat of a maze, where you have to figure out how to escape. It’s like the movie “Saw” where like your survival depends on figuring out how to escape, except you don’t get tortured and you won’t die. You might get freaked out and stressed though.  You have one hour to figure out how to escape out of the various rooms. The kicker is, no one tells you which clues to look for, or what exactly to solve. You just get thrown into a hallway with a “good luck” wish from the host.

Not too scary for a young teen, but still creepy enough to be entertaining.

Kids and Visitors from outside of US:

If your English isn’t strong, you may have trouble understanding the scary audio that plays on the speaker in the room. Mostly the “ghost” is just complaining about being dead, but sometimes drops hints.

Okay for kids unafraid of scary voices or of the dark.

It was my 14-year old niece’s birthday and the little glutton for punishment wanted to do this as her birthday activity. There was a major heat wave going on in Southern California this Labor Day weekend, so doing this air-conditioned activity was highly acceptable on our list!

The squad trying different codes to unlock this door.

After booking, when you arrive, you’ll be required to sign a consent form, and you’ll be instructed to read the tale of why the studio is haunted. That is all the detail I’ll give because I don’t want to give anything away. However, see the pictures below to get an idea of the set-up.

Total there were four rooms.

If you get too freaked out or if you need a clue, you can walkie-talkie the host and he will provide you with some help. Not to brag, but we didn’t need any clues. Although the escape room’s host voluntarily gave us one when we took too long in one area. 😦

The space is not too big, you won’t be doing anything too physical so strength is not necessary for this adventure, although I can’t speak for other escape rooms. All you need to use is your brain. And I guess a flashlight – which won’t be provided at this place – so make sure your smart phone is charged!


The Haunted Recording Studio Escape room is located in Universal City, Hollywood – very close to Universal Studios. The best part is that they have a free parking lot (because parking in LA sucks,  this is important)!

Clue? Or just something to confuse you even more?

The guy who worked there also informed us that this particular Escape Room will soon have another maze – something a little scarier for Halloween, so be sure to check their website soon. And as always, be sure to use Gold Star and GroupOn to your advantage – sometimes they have great discounts for tickets.

Other nearby things to check out:

  • Universal Studios
  • Universal City Walk

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