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Visiting LA in Summer: Do NOTs

img_3377If you can avoid visiting Southern California during mid August – September, you should, because outdoor activities will be limited and you’ll miss all the beautiful outdoorsy things you should be experiencing.

I’d personally avoid these specific places and activities if you’re visiting Southern California during August or September, when temperatures are at their highest:

  • Hollywood sign – this hike has little mercy when it comes to escaping the sun. You won’t find many trees or shade on this trail.
  • Palm Springs – this desert area always leads when it comes to highest temperatures, even if you are by a pool all day. Even the nighttime is unbearable – trust me.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain – this theme park is in a valley which traps the heat when it’s hot. Plus this theme park has very little coverage or even misters. Your water bottles will get hot after 10 minutes.
  • LA Zoo – another place with little shade/coverage. Mix that in with the lovely smell of animal poop and it’s a bad combination.
  • Outdoor wine tasting or any outdoor drinking – I did this once, it was awful, and you’ll get drunk much quicker than usual.
  • Perch – or any rooftop bar without a pool
  • The Grove/ Farmer’s Market, Old Town Pasadena, Larchmont, Hollywood, the Americana in Glendale.
  • Grand Central Market – another outdoor landmark that won’t be appreciated if you’re rushing through it.
  • Outdoor stadiums – Dodger’s has some spots with shade, depending on time of day, but otherwise, you’ll be boiling.


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