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🎃 Halloween 👻 Movies 💀 Cemetery 

If I haven’t mentioned it already I LOoOoOoVE this time of year – the weather is perfect for snuggling up and movie watching – it’s just so cozy. Autumn being here gives me an excuse to consume everything pumpkin and wear my Uggs. But as you know, even when it cools down in California, it’s never really too cold, which is great because it gives us Angelenos an opportunity for outdoor HALLOWEEN movies!

Hollywood Forever

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Romeo & Juliet at Hollywood Forever with the sun setting … pure bliss.

If you’re not from Los Angeles, then the name “Hollywood Forever” means nothing to you. If you’re an Angeleno, you know that this is the cemetery in Hollywood where many celebrities like Judy Garland, Tony Scott, Mickey Rooney, Rudolph Valentino, and the young Anton Yelchin are buried. I just went there about a month ago to watch “Romeo and Juliet” with my girlfriends and it was so relaxing being splayed out on the blankets as my friends and I quoted Leonardo, er Romeo. With the perfect California sunset and ubiquitous LA palm trees as the backdrop to your movie, there’s no reason to NOT see a movie at Hollywood Forever.

And this Halloween season, they’re playing a classic scary movie called “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) on Saturday, October 21. Buy tickets here and now (since Cinespia is already sold out of their “Ghostbusters” movie this Saturday).

If  you’re not from the United States: Americans celebrate a holiday at the end of October called Halloween. It is supposed to be a time for scary things like ghosts, zombies, monsters, and wearing costumes. So, leading up to Halloween – October 31 – Americans like to celebrate with spooky activities, including watching scary movies, visiting haunted houses, and escape rooms.

Other Movie Events

If you’re unavailable for movies in the cemetery, fear not – there will be other  movie events all over LA – here’s a few options:

Indoor – El Capitan
10/6 – 9 –
“Hocus Pocus” at El Capitan Theater Tickets start at $10. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
10/20 – 23 – “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at El Capitan Theater Tickets start at $10.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

If you haven’t seen a movie at El Capitan yet, you should, especially if you have children. They always decorate it and sometimes include activities thematic to the movie playing.

Outdoor – Varying Locations
– “Halloween” 🔪🎃 at Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown. Tickets start at $13 👫
10/14  – “Casper” at Syd Kronenthal Park in Culver City. Tickets start at $7.50
10/21 – “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in Verdugo Park. Tickets start at $13
10/28  – “Silence of the Lambs” in Poinsettia Park Park – Tickets start at $7.50 👫
10/28  – “Beetlejuice” in Glendale Central Park – Tickets start at $7.50

All these movies are hosted by the same Cinema company, and also have a really cute set up. I took my niece and cousin to see “Devil Wears Prada” last spring in Glendale Central Park and it was really cute. Most of these locations are close enough to other walkable/entertaining neighborhoods. So even though these movies begin at 8pm, the events begin at 5:30. You’ll want to arrive earlier to set up your blankets, as well as enjoy the music and food vendors.

Is anything better than cuddling with loved ones?

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