Ask the Angeleno · Los Angeles

Angelenos Recommendations: Edgar

Name: Edgar Zuniga

Where do you currently live? Phillips Ranch, Pomona, Calif.

How long have/did you live(d) in Los Angeles? 35 years

Where else have you lived? Wichita, Kan., Lexington, Va.

What made you want to live here? My family moved to L.A. as political refugees from the Nicaraguan civil war.

Me with a WWF Heavyweight Championship belt at KnokxPro Wrestling Academy in Sun Valley, Calif.

Do you think you’ll stay?

L.A. is my home and I feel blessed to have been raised here.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do in Los Angeles/Southern CA, and why?

1) Sporting events. We have eight professional teams from every sport you can think of, and that’s not including the hundreds of others from local universities. There is always something fun and exciting to see from our local teams.

2) Concerts. Being the center of the entertainment universe means that L.A. attracts the best musical artists from around the world. Practically every day of the week, you will have somebody famous (whether mainstream or underground) performing somewhere across L.A.

3) The geographical diversity. Beaches? Check. Deserts? Check. Mountains? Check. Rivers? Check. Lakes? Check. Snow? Check. Swamps? (if that’s your thing). Check. There are so many beautiful places to discover and explore all across the map.

One of your most favorite memories:

There are so many, but two really stand out:

1) The 1984 Olympics and those magic two weeks when the world came together in L.A. and

2) when the L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2014. Yeah, the 2012 Cup was, literally, a dream come true. However, in 2014, I was actually in the vicinity of Staples Center, and when the Kings won, I celebrated with friends out on the street with a throng of happy Kings fans. It was a huge moshpit of happy people. I had never experienced that before.

Me with “Cap’n” Dan Calichman, the first captain in Los Angeles Galaxy history at a soccer game at the Rose Bowl.

What’s the worst thing about living here?

I hate to admit it because I always try to find ways around it, but the traffic. There are just too many cars on the road and the freeways can only handle so much.

Do you have another favorite city in the world besides LA?

It’s a tie between Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. Two amazing cities, unique in their own ways, with genuinely friendly locals. I wouldn’t mind living in either city if I had to.

Finish this sentence: “Everyone who visits LA absolutely needs to ….” visit Griffith Observatory. It is a link to L.A.’s past and its future. Its Art Deco styling, peristyles overlooking the entire Los Angeles basin, gorgeous interior and famous surroundings have been the source of wonderment, classic film scenes, and many romantic moments.

What else should ever visitor do or see or eat while they’re here? Why?

Visit a non-touristy beach, like Hermosa Beach. Head up to Big Bear Lake, especially in autumn or winter. Catch an L.A. Kings game up in the 300 section, where all the true Kings fans hang out, and then chill between periods on the balcony overlooking L.A. Live. Check out Father’s Office in Culver City and have their decadent Father’s Office burger with sweet potato fries.

How much time do you think someone needs to be here in LA to really appreciate it and why?

Spend a couple of weeks here and you will learn to appreciate how much L.A. has to offer. I have been living here for more than 35 years and I am still discovering new things. One thing I learned is that L.A. has everything for everyone.

Any words of advice for someone visiting LA?

People usually visit during the summer, when it’s hot and muggy, but I think the best times to visit are in late autumn or mid-winter. I would advise visitors to get all the touristy stuff out of the way in the first week, then immerse yourself in the local scene for another week.

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