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The Farmer’s Market & Grove

One of LA’s main tourist attractions is the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market – an outdoor shopping experience for food, drink, spices, and souvenirs. And there’s weekly events that take place on the weekends and special holidays. For example, this weekend – for St. Patrick’s Day – they had Irish bagpipe players, green beer, and a small petting zoo.


As you might imagine, this can be a great spot for families, friends, or dates. I went with my nephew — pictured above, niece and her best friend. We walked around, ate, pet some cute baby goats, and listened to traditional Irish music.

My teenage niece and her friend (not pictured — too cool I guess), hung out for a bit before they decided to walk around the Grove, which starts where the Farmer’s Market ends.

An antique water fountain at the Grove.

The location of the Grove near the Farmer’s Market is cool because it very noticeably contrasts the old with the new. While the Market has some original storefronts and signs clearly from decades before, the Grove is modern, and more of a retail shopping experience.

The Grove has stores you’d typically find in a mall: Apple, Brandy Melville, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, and a few restaurants. But besides that, the Grove has Dylan’s Candy Bar – the only California location! Dylan’s started in New York, but then graced the taste buds of other big cities, including Los Angeles, which makes it a unique treat if you haven’t already visited one.

In addition, the Sur la Table there is one of the few in California that offers cooking classes. They’re pretty fun and you get to eat your creations afterward, making it a perfect date idea since it includes an activity AND meal.

Another added bonus of the Grove is the free trolley ride around the Grove. This can be both useful and novel, getting you across the Grove in less than 5 minutes, but also just adding to the throwback charm of the whole mall.


The Farmer’s Market and Grove might share the same space – set between 3rd and Fairfax in the very trendy West LA – but if you visit here, note that parking validation must be specific to which place’s parking lot you’re in. For instance, if you parked at the Farmer’s Market, but try to validate your parking at the Cheesecake Factory (located in the Grove), it won’t work.

The Farmer’s Market/Grove is one of those places in Los Angeles that’s perfect for relaxing, eating, drinking, shopping. It’s family and pet friendly, and is surrounded by a neighborhood full of other restaurants and bars at a walkable distance.


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