Sundays in Smorgasburg


Two bloggers went out on a Friday for dinner. One of them is a food blogger: Tanya, @cheesyLAgirl. The other is an LA blogger (me) @the_princess_of_LA. And as they sat eating, another blogger walks in and tells them the most delicious stories.

While this may sound like the beginning of a really dirty joke, this is actually true! Tanya and I were out to dinner one night when at our communal table sits three new people, one who happens to be sort of a blogger-combination of me and Tanya: food in LA!

I ask him what I ask everybody else who lives in LA “what place would you recommend to anyone visiting Los Angeles?” He says: Smorgasburg.

Check out that shrimp and rice in a pineapple!

Fast forward to this past weekend, and I’m dragging my nieces and nephew with me to go explore this place I had never been to, and until last weekend, hadn’t heard of. One thing I love as an Angeleno is how many things you can do here, it’s amazing how not bored you can be. As a blogger though, it’s so hard to stay on top of all that goes on in this richly vast mecca of entertainment.

Left: 2 reluctant teens; Right: my ham of a nephew

So, we arrive, and it’s exactly what @theComidaGuy says it is: an outdoor … well … smorgasbord of food trucks.

Donut Friend is vegan, and is also located in Highland Park!

The outdoor food market is located in DTLA, only on Sundays, and more importantly has two hours free parking. The bad news is no pets allowed. The hours are 10 am – 4 pm, so you have time to go after church or before your Kings, Dodgers, or Galaxy games (if they’re at night). 😉

Such nice people, why are they hanging with a Yankee fan?

It’s similar to 626 Nights Market where there are lots of food trucks, however this one is much more diverse in selection; 626 Nights is more Asian-influenced.

Patio outside the market provided seating. Seating limited in market. 

So as I was saying, I came with my three guinea pigs, er, nephew and nieces. We walked around, the five-acre site, and started planning our next meals. My decision on what to eat was easy: whoever had the shortest line. The kids, however, were more picky, so they opted for the safe choice, aka pizza truck. A delicious pizza truck, I might add.

While the line for that wasn’t long, it is wood-fire pizza made fresh, in a truck, so it took a bit long. But in all honesty, almost ALL the trucks there had long lines. Luckily, this pizza was worth the wait, and these kiddos braved the long wait in the heat, which is a word of warning to anyone who knows for certain their kids are heat- or patience-challenged. While I think most adults would appreciate the variety of flavors there and wouldn’t mind waiting for good food, picky kids might not. Also, I don’t know if they had bathrooms, because luckily, nobody had to go, but if they had, I would imagine those would have lines too.

img_7064However, I did notice on the website that the Market does have Family Day, which is more centered around kids. All that said, at the end of the visit, as we headed out, I asked them all: would you come back, and they all in unison said yes.

See, so it’s not all bad. In fact, it was very cool. I will go back. Just not with them :). The beer garden there will make you also possibly not want to bring your minor. The area is sectioned off and to the back corner of the market. I’m not much of a drinker, but that area did look more relaxing since it had more seats and coverage from the sun.

And silver lining about the lines: as we waited, I met a bunch of cool people, all of whom, I might add, said that it was their first time there at Smorgasburg. I was impressed! Maybe the LA location is still growing in popularity (originated in NY), perhaps I didn’t need to be so ashamed of myself after all for not knowing about this LA gem.



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