Bienvenidos! Ahlan Wasahlyn! Welcome!


I’m Susie — a Southern California native who genuinely enjoys living in Los Angeles. Yes, sometimes it’s too crowded and traffic really can make you wanna go postal, but the creative energy and diversity of this place is undeniable. It’s no wonder Los Angeles is an internationally recognized destination that many are curious about and other’s strive for.

One of the best things about living here in LA is that we have everything! Not only is our weather great, but we have beaches, mountains, wine vineyards, deserts, hiking trails, luxury cars, theme parks, zoos, celebrities, movie studios, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Coachella! (Let me catch my breath.) And right up the 15 Highway is Vegas and just down south two hours is Mexico. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are an hour-flight away or a 7-hour drive along the beautiful Pacific coast.

In Southern California you can find every language, culture, religion, and nationality. And did I mention food?! You want a breakfast burrito with a Vietnamese coffee? You got it! Maybe a light Mediterranean lunch with some gelato for dessert – DONE! For dinner you can dine hard with Korean BBQ or Russian buffet, and have some hookah afterward at a nearby lounge. SoCal is diverse af and I personally love it.

It’s probably what’s made me both comfortable staying here and curious about seeing parts of the world where my friends are from. I like how diverse and fun it is here and I love the lax attitude you don’t really get to experience in other places in the world (or so I’ve heard).

I’m new to traveling and a veteran at blogging, but I’ll be forever mystified by the unknown. So stick around, as I show you around my hometown and journey across the globe to see other people’s hometowns. I look forward to your feedback!

Spaciba! Gracias. Shukran! Merci. Thank you!