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Visiting LA in Summer: Do NOTs

If you can avoid visiting Southern California during mid August – September, you should, because outdoor activities will be limited and you’ll miss all the beautiful outdoorsy things you should be experiencing. I’d personally avoid these specific places and activities if you’re visiting Southern California during August or September, when temperatures are at their highest:… Continue reading Visiting LA in Summer: Do NOTs

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Haunted Escape Room: Hollywood

Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment! All the major movie studios, TV networks, and record companies are the life blood of this town. So of course we have all the capabilities to stage certain scenarios, including being trapped in a room with no hope to get out, unless you can figure out an ESCAPE!… Continue reading Haunted Escape Room: Hollywood

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Burbank Personalized Coffee Foam

Have you ever bought a latte and the barista gets creative with their foam designs? Well, at Red Maple Cafe, they've stepped it up a notch - personalized foam art! For FREE! Using an app called "Ripple", you can use one of the app's designs, or upload your own image and the via Bluetooth, the… Continue reading Burbank Personalized Coffee Foam

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OUE Skyspace in Downtown LA

A coworker of mine is visiting from Cambridge. She's never been to LA, California, or the U.S. for that matter! So, I happily took her to do some of the most touristy things you could do in Los Angeles: going down a see-through slide from a high rise building. I present to you OUE Skyspace… Continue reading OUE Skyspace in Downtown LA

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Before the Summer Ends in LA…

Summer in Southern California is coming to a close, but rest assured the warm weather pretty much stays here all year long. What won't remain though are those events that only take place during the summer. So, if you're like me and you get all nostalgic and stuff about things coming to an end, be… Continue reading Before the Summer Ends in LA…

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Holy Hiking!

When people think of California, they think of LA, Hollywood, the beaches, Disneyland. Most people visiting here pretty rarely know anything about the Inland Empire, which is the San Bernardino/Riverside County areas. While this area isn't quite as popular, there are a lot of things to check out and do there: mountains, casinos, wine tasting… Continue reading Holy Hiking!